Social Media

Your organization might be on Facebook and Twitter, but are you using them strategically to convey your message where your audience hears it?

Social media is today an essential element of your organization entire communications strategy. If your presence on Facebook, Pinterest or Youtube is discussed apart from how you engage in media outreach, event promotion or development, you’re wasting time, energy and precious resources.

My goal as a social media consultant is to help you bridge this gap between traditional and social media engagement. I work with key staff to identify the opportunities that you may be missing and provide a provisional “cheat-sheet” to help you integrate social media into your overall communications plan. Each cheat-sheet provides simple steps to get you into the practice of using social media as an integral part of your communications strategy and is customized to your specific social media goals.

Overtime, the actions taken by your organization will begin to automatically trigger the use of your new social media tools. In turn, I will help you identify a “feedback” loop that helps makes this a continual and ever growing means of engaging your audience and building your social media presence.

Once your initial strategy is in place, we work on building out your profiles on the major social networks. For most organizations, these include Facebook, Twitter and, depending on your message and available content, either LinkedIn, Pinterest or Youtube. We’ll start by ensuring your marketable presence across several networks consistent with your existing branding guidelines, then develop your profiles to encourage audience engagement. As needed, we review terminologies and jargon that can make adoption easier for staff and stakeholders.

In addition to assistance with setting up and using the major social media networks, I can work with your staff in monitoring the growth of your engagement and influence. Tools such as Hootsuite, Klout and Google Analytics should eventually be part of your social media toolkit, but even starting off with a simple Excel spreadsheet with key metrics can get your started in the right direction.

If you are looking for a thorough assessment of your existing social media presence and practices, or looking to jump in but don’t know just where to start, I would welcome the opportunity to work with you.