Board Service

Since 1997, I have served in increasingly responsible roles on several boards, including as a committee chair, executive committee member or vice president. My involvement ranged from my community homeowners association, local and national boards of organizations promoting responsible U.S. foreign policy, and an international coalition working on issues of genocide prevention and global justice. Board service has been a defining and motivating aspect of my professional career, which I would recommend to anyone seeking to improve their community, nation or world.

WFM / Institute for Global Policy

WFM/IGP Executive Board, October 2009

The WFM /Institute for Global Policy, established in 1947, promotes institutional solutions to building a safer and more just world. In partnership with the United Nations, governments and international civil society groups, the organization leads a comprehensive set of programs and coalitions on protecting civilians from the threat of genocide and atrocities and promoting transparency in global governance.

I have had the pleasure of serving as a member of the governing Council and the executive board of the WFM/Institute for Global Policy since 2007. During this period, I led an strict review of our membership standards and oversaw a 5-year effort on improving internal governance.

Citizens for Global Solutions

CGS 2012 Annual Lobby Day

Citizens for Global Solutions is a national membership organization working to build U.S. political will on solving problems that no nation can solve alone. This goal requires effective democratic global institutions applying the rule of law while respecting the diversity and autonomy of national and local communities.

I served on the staff of CGS as Director of Member Communications from 2000-2004, then on the Board from 2004-2005 and again 20o8-present. During this latest term, I have been one of the Board’s four officers as well as chair of the leadership committee. In 2010-11, I carried out a review of a core research program,┬ádeveloping recommendations on branding, strategic development, and leadership. In 2011-12, I was a member of the strategic planning committee that led the board in adopting the organization’s current structural and branding strategy. Each year, I help lead a delegation of Maryland citizens in lobbying our elected representatives on Capitol Hill.

United Nations Association of the National Capital Area

After participating as a general member for years, I was invited to join the Board of the largest chapter of the UN Association of the United States. My passion for advocacy and citizen lobbying led this year to my being asked to serve as the chapter’s vice president for advocacy. I look forward to working with other Board officers over the coming year to expand the number of active participants in our lobby visits throughout the year.

Montpelier Community Association

My wife and I moved to Montpelier, Maryland in 2006 shortly after getting married. After getting settled, I began to regularly attend the monthly Board of Trustees meetings. I volunteered with the communications committee and helped revamp and relaunch our community website. In 2010, I stood for election to the board myself and served for one year. I continue to work closely with Board members to maintain the website and other communications efforts.